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Recently, according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Alibaba pingtouge (Shanghai) semiconductor technology Co., Ltd. was officially registered on November 7 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, registered in Zhangjiang and legal representative Liu Xiangwen. According to shareholder information, Alibaba damoyuan (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. is the initiator of its shareholders, with a shareholding ratio of 100%.

Alibaba really wants to make his own core. On September 19 this year, Alibaba announced the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary of chip self-development, named "Flathead Semiconductor Co., Ltd." to build a chip strategy with alinpu smart chip and embedded chip as the core. The smart chip produced by Flathead is expected to officially come out in 2019.

For a long time, alibaba will enter the chip field through multiple channels, such as self-research, acquisition, investment and so on, in order to form the echelon capability of chip research and development. "Flathead" is a chip company formed by the integration of Zhongtian microsystem Co., Ltd. acquired by Ali and the chip business researched by Damo Institute.

On November 28, the Shanghai IC Design Industrial Park, located in the core area of Zhangjiang Science City and covering an area of about 3 square kilometers, was officially opened. Among them, the first batch of enterprises and projects including Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. have emerged. More firm "flat head elder brother" settled in Shanghai Zhangjiang hearsay.

In addition, at present, Alibaba has a chip team of 100 people, which is still expanding rapidly. People familiar with the matter said that Flathead semiconductor company is currently recruiting chip talents from overseas in the United States. Alibaba's Dharma court did not respond to this.

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