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      LED display failure and inspection and maintenance 1. There is a light, dark light and no light on the unit board. Inspection and maintenance: (1) Visually check whether the lead out pin of the line p...

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      The outdoor LED display screen can really improve the image of the city, and the advertising forms are also flexible. However, during the use of outdoor LED display screen, there are still some matter...

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      What is led display LED panel: LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode. It is a display mode by controlling the semiconductor light-emitting diode. Its general appearance is composed of many ...

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      1、 Suitable for their own models, according to their own visual distance to choose the most appropriate resolution. (the higher the density, the higher the definition and the farther the visual dista...

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      As a media of outdoor information, outdoor full-color LED display plays a huge role in displaying. In some public places such as squares, shopping malls, stations, etc., this high brightness and accur...

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      Recently, according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Alibaba pingtouge (Shanghai) semiconductor technology Co., Ltd. was officially registered on November 7 with a regis...

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